Export Portal vs The Competition

Export Portal vs The Competition

ExportPortal 30 Nov, 2018
Export Portal vs The Competition

Why our Blockchain is Better than the Rest

Look, we get it.


There’s a lot of options out there, and you don’t know which one to choose.


The internet has allowed greater access to the tools a small business needs to grow, but with so many platforms claiming to be the right one for you, making a choice can be difficult. You keep hearing about “blockchain” and how it’s going to be the future, but you can’t tell which platforms know what they’re talking about and which ones are trying to trick you.


Well, Export Portal is here to help makes things clear.


Not only have we been developing our own trusted network, but we’ve kept an eye on our competitors in the ecommerce field as well. While they are doing impressive work in the blockchain development field, some aim to decentralize businesses only in select regions, while some others plan to institute unique cryptocurrency for use on their platforms. While these may seem like attractive aspects to a growing business like yourself, you should know the problems we can see arising with these business models.



For starters, cryptocurrencies have been proven to be unreliable, collapsing at the drop of a hat and leaving the people who invested in them with nothing of worth whatsoever. Creating a private cryptocurrency sounds nice in theory, but only exacerbates accountability issues should the value plummet, which evidence suggests it will. As noble as it sounds to focus on developing and often-ignored regions, SMEs in these countries have such a difficult time establishing themselves to begin with. As such, the consequences of a crash would be devastating to their already weak small business sector.


Export Portal does not deal in cryptocurrency, we work strictly with established currencies recognized by governments around the world. We may not control how or when these individual currencies fluctuate as per their own economies, but by that same token, Export Portal will never leave our business partners with a surplus of suddenly worthless digital points.


In addition, we do not attempt to circumvent government regulations, not matter how arbitrary they may be. Bureaucracy is an unfortunate reality, but a cryptocurrency-based ecommerce platform is not the right solution. Export Portal may not have the answer to this problem, but we do have the next best thing: a reliable means to work within the systems that are already in place. Our buyer protection and seller verification procedures uphold high standards of quality, and we only work with trusted shippers when it comes to transporting the merchandise being imported and exported.


As such, we can welcome in partners from across the globe, not just one select region. This enables businesses to build ties and reach customers beyond their immediate neighbors. Trade is what united the world in the first place, and the internet has brought people together like never before, limiting ourselves to a single continent simply doesn’t meet Export Portal’s standards. We wish to bring our blockchain technology to all businesses who will benefit from it, no matter what corner of the globe they come from, so that we may all grow together.


Additionally, not only does our blockchain network record transactions between partners to ensure all are conducting legitimate business, but we prescreen all applicants so that only verified companies join in the first place. Yes, this means that some particularly young businesses may not be able to join right away, but it also prevents inexperienced ventures from making amateur mistakes that cost other companies dearly. Besides, once a business is able to demonstrate their professionalism, Export Portal is more than happy to welcome them into our network and provide the tools they need to grow.


If you’d like to learn more about what makes Export Portal such an exceptional platform, please visit our website: https://www.exportportal.com/about