B2B works best on EP: How Export Portal helps create Business to Business Partnerships
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B2B works best on EP: How Export Portal helps create Business to Business Partnerships

ExportPortal 6 Feb, 2019
B2B works best on EP: How Export Portal helps create Business to Business Partnerships

Our Network is Developing Specialized Tools to Connect Companies with the Partners they need to Succeed

Selling to consumers is an art.


Being able to identify your consumers’ needs, having the skills required to tackle their concerns, and demonstrating a thorough knowledge of your product to make the consumer come back for more are all techniques that, when carefully refined and expertly applied, create a masterpiece of a transaction.


Selling to a business, however, is more like a dance.


Cooperation is key, as both parties are depending on one another for support. The proper steps are expected to be followed if they want things to go smoothly, though if some unforeseen disruption to the rhythm should occur, they must work together to make it through, or else they’ll both end up falling. One party may take the lead over the other, and those who are particularly skilled may even dance with different partners at the same time, but they risk stepping on toes or missing the beat.


Perhaps what matters most of all is finding the right partner to dance with, after all, pairing up with the wrong partner can ruin what would otherwise be very successful relationship.

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This very principle is what inspired Export Portal to develop our B2B Matchmaking Program, a feature we’re currently working on that aims to analyze the strengths and needs of our registered partners so that our platform can bring them together. Our global trade hub already excels at enabling buyers searching for particular products to locate sellers with inventory to move, but the B2B Matchmaking Program will make the partnership process even more efficient, allowing our partners to increase their reach and achieve their business goals faster than before.


Not only will the B2B Matchmaking Program bring buyers and sellers together, but our platform also brings together freight forwarders from around the world to transport shipments internationally. What’s more, our proprietary blockchain technology will add security and transparency to all their transactions, ensuring all parties can track and verify the goods throughout the process.


By providing small and medium businesses access to each other as well as useful resources to strengthen their bonds, Export Portal is the best choice for anyone building a career in the ecommerce field. Visit our B2B page now and begin connecting with verified professionals around the world.    

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