Benefits of Membership: The Many Rewards to Registering on Export Portal

Benefits of Membership: The Many Rewards to Registering on Export Portal

ExportPortal 20 Feb, 2019
Benefits of Membership: The Many Rewards to Registering on Export Portal

Embarking on a career in International Trade involves a lot of risks, but joining Export Portal’s platform provides multiple benefits to help overcome them

We all need help to make it in this world, particularly in the world of ecommerce. While there is a certain freedom to be had in operating as an independent entrepreneur, or a wonderful sense of empowerment in running a small business, the dangers that come with it can be quite daunting.


That’s not to say it can’t be done, on the contrary, many of the registered buyers, sellers, and shippers on Export Portal are small or medium sized enterprises. They still retain full control of their respective companies, but they do so with security and peace of mind, all thanks to the many benefits they receive when they registered as members on the Export Portal platform.


Other global trade hubs might claim to offer advantages for their members, but these tend to cater more towards larger companies that can benefit the platform itself. Export Portal was specifically designed to cater towards small and medium sized enterprises, with services and resources that allow them to educate, improve, and expand their operations.


Verified Professionals Only


Our verification process prevents fraudulent parties from gaining access to our network, we partner with accreditation institutions in countries across the world to authenticate all documents uploaded during registration. All company names, certifications, and legal files are thoroughly checked, and any falsified information will disqualify membership. By being so selective, we ensure our members only conduct legitimate business with fellow entrepreneurs in a safe and secure fashion.


Blockchain Backed Security


We’re developing our own proprietary decentralized ledger technology, an innovative and unhackable records system that distributes data in one place, preventing valuable information from being copied or altered. This technology provides transparency and accountability to every aspect of our platform, from membership data to order shipment tracking and even payment processing, preventing fraud and eliminating complication of information flow.


Financial Dependability


Not only does our blockchain account for the flow of money, but partnering with financial institutions around the world has allowed us to implement our 100% Escrow Payment Guarantee (1EPG) program, which safeguards all payments involved in transactions on our platform. Additionally, we’re seeking out banks and loan processors so we can connect them with our members who require funding to hire new staff, purchase more resources, open new branches, and otherwise expand their operations.


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Legal Services


Doing business across borders can get complicated, which is why Export Portal connects our members with trade specialists and legal advisers well versed in international laws. Our experts provide their services and share their advice so our users can keep up to date with these ever-changing politics and how they affect the import export industry.


Customer Support


We pride ourselves on designing an efficient website with streamlined systems and procedures, but that hasn’t stopped us from assembling a team of talented professionals ready to assist our members however they made need. Our experts assist members with whatever issue they may encounter, responding diligently with applicable solutions.


Improving Efficiency


When we said that we’re determined to help SMEs educate, improve, and expand, we meant it. On top of all the services we listed above, our team is continuing to develop tools for our members to utilize in their business dealings and operations. Our constantly growing library of blogs delivers insightful information on topics that matter to small businesses, we provide marketing services and promotional programs for members to broaden their reach and gain access to niche demographics, and we’re currently working on a B2B Matchmaking Algorithm to make it even easier for importers, exporters, and freight forwarders to connect and transact.


There have never been more opportunities or resources available for people all over the world to build their businesses and achieve the success they’ve always dreamed of, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy process. The wider playing field means it’s easy to be drowned out by inexperienced competitors long before you can even begin to challenge the larger established companies, and too many trade hubs are eager to milk what profit they can out of all those unprepared entrepreneurs.


Export Portal, however, is different. We work with our members, we give them what they need to thrive, we provide them a place to grow, and we use that success to expand our platform and share it’s benefits with others looking to do the same. Register your business with Export Portal today, and see what these benefits can do for you: