Export Portal. A gateway to the international market for french SME's

Export Portal. A gateway to the international market for french SME's

ExportPortal 8 Apr, 2019
Export Portal. A gateway to the international market for french SME's

For growing SMEs in France, Export Portal provides a secure and reliable international marketplace. There's no better way to grow your business exponentially – read more.

The economic fabric of France is composed of big firms operating all over the world, but also very promising SMEs and small businesses, offering quality products and services on the local and regional market (European Union countries). Many of these small businesses taking advantage of the general notoriety of the Made in France label sometimes struggle to find opportunities for their products and services out of France and the EU, especially in Asia and Africa.

The current SMEs support system set up by the local chambers of commerce, the regional councils, and the cities, tries to propose various initiatives, ranging from the organization of promotion activities to training sessions for executives and market access data provision.

However, many of these SMEs continue to express the need for a more concrete tool, one able to deliver measurable results in terms of number of partners, number of business relationships created, number of new countries affected, number of products sold outside of the EU, etc.

In such a context, Export Portal is undoubtedly a solution to seriously consider, and for many reasons. As a reminder, Export Portal is a platform that connects buyers, sellers, and shippers around the world, while giving the seller the guarantee of being paid and assuring the buyer that they will receive a quality product, all complying with their order requirements.

The interest of such an offer for a small local business is to increase its international visibility, to reach customers it might never have achieved by staying in the heart of the French countryside, and the interest is not only for companies.

Indeed, considering the various cases of incidents related to the quality and conformity of items sold on current e-business platforms such as eBay, Leboncoin.fr, pap.fr, or even Wish.com, many customers are looking for more secure and reliable alternatives. The particularity of Export Portal is precisely to bring this guarantee of conformity to the buyer, all thanks to the product verification system going into effect before the seller gets paid.

The future seems to be bright for Export Portal in France, and also in the European Union countries, provided the appropriate information campaign is conducted so that the targets can be well informed.


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