Export Portal: The SME Owner’s Best Friend

Export Portal: The SME Owner’s Best Friend

ExportPortal 13 May, 2019
Export Portal: The SME Owner’s Best Friend

Successful businesses need to work hard to keep up in the constantly changing world of trade. Export Portal hurries to facilitate your entry to the international market.

Export Portal is pleased to share a testimony from one of our registered partners. Enjoy!

The world of trade and eCommerce is constantly changing, so successful businesses need to work hard to keep up. As a businessman, I used to travel from my country to other countries all over to generate business. I needed to go to these countries physically, buy their goods, inspect them, and arrange for shipment. This leads to a general waste of valuable time and resources for my small business. 

Export Portal has made my life and business easier. Launched in 2011, Export Portal is a comprehensive international trade hub that facilitates transactions between thousands of sellers, buyers, and shippers worldwide. Its mission is to simplify business anywhere in the world, by being the hub of global business, it provides sellers the necessary space for their products to reach a wider audience. This helps buyers find products faster and more efficiently.

Every buyer and seller on their platform goes through a thorough verification process to create a trustworthy ecosystem. For added safety, it utilizes an advanced verification process that allows potential sellers to become certified sellers. They also protect the entire transaction cycle through proprietary blockchain technology, so you can trade confidently.

Export Portal is a one-stop shop for business people all over the world. It facilitates transactions of several categories of product ranging from consumer electronics, machinery, glassware, food, and agricultural products. Buyers can securely shop online and interact with thousands of sellers and shippers. They are continuously expanding their services to offer new and exciting things, assisting small businesses in unlocking new opportunities. 

Their 24/7 customer support and a panel of experts are waiting to answer your questions and help you facilitate your entry to the international market. You will have the opportunity to get professional assistance at whatever stage you are in the import or export, buying or selling process. 

Because of their platform, I don’t have to travel to other countries or deal with complicated trade documentation that is a drain on my time and resources. Now I can spend more time expanding my business, developing new ideas, and creating partnerships with other verified companies.

If you’re a small or medium-sized business owner, I can’t recommend Export Portal enough. Whether you’re located in Nigeria like me or anywhere else, there’s no better way to enter the world stage. Expand your business in a way you never thought possible with Export Portal and register today.


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