The World's Largest Food Exporters

The World's Largest Food Exporters

Jennifer Broadley 4 May, 2016
The World's Largest Food Exporters

Food and agricultural produce are among the most traded goods. In this article find out what are the largest exporters of agricultural products. 

Due to the fact that food is one of the major concerns for the planet and its inhabitants, agriculture became one of the most important industries, being the main source of income for many countries and very important for the trade balance.

China, USA, India and Russia are usually classified as the major producers of cereals and vegetables. China is the largest producer of rice, while India is on the second position. China is equally the major producer of wheat, onions and cabbage. 

Nigeria and India are the main producers of millet, as it is the most important crop in Asia and Africa.

Beans and barley are largely cultivated in Russia, India and Germany, but less cultivated in the USA.



The world largest exporters of agricultural goods are:

- United States

- China

- India

- Netherlands

- Thailand


It can be also pointed out that many countries specialize in one major crop. For example, the USA is the leading producer of corn, Indonesia produces the most of the palm oil, the Netherlands is the major producer of tomatoes and chilli etc. 


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