Coffee Exports

Coffee Exports

Jennifer Broadley 15 Dec, 2015
Coffee Exports

Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in the world. What countries produce and export the largest amount of coffee?

The facts and figures say that the world consumes close to 2.25 billion cups of coffee every day. The United States alone imports more than $4 billion dollars' worth of coffee each year making the drink one of the foodstuffs that bring profit to those involved in the coffeee trade and production. The market is divided into growers, roasters and retailers. Recent data shows that new countries became leaders in coffee exports, while traditional coffee growers (like South Sudan) don't export a lot. This is happening due to the political situation or some successful marketing steps. Anyway, people drink coffee and the demand in it is growing.


Top Coffee Exporters are:


1. Brazil

2. Vietnam

3. Germany

4. India

5. Colombia 

6. China

7. Switzerland

8. Sri Lanka

9. Indonesia

10. Italy


These facts open great opportunities for business. So if you live in the region with a possibility to export coffee, you can use this chance and sell coffee abroad. Do it successfully here on Export Portal!


Jennifer Broadley
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