Major Car Exporting Countries and Companies

Major Car Exporting Countries and Companies

Takeo Kimura 16 Jun, 2016
Major Car Exporting Countries and Companies

Statistics show that 72.37 million cars were sold globally in 2015, and about 74.39 million are expected to be sold in 2016. What are the major car exporting countries and car producing companies?

The car producing industry represents one of the largest industrial and economic sectors in the world. About 60 million cars and trucks are made every year, and this industry is responsible for almost ½ the world's oil consumption. The automotive industry plays a major role in the international trade and is highly important for the economy of some countries.

Here are the major car exporting countries:

  • Germany
  • Japan
  • United States
  • Canada
  • South Korea
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Belgium
  • France


Five out of ten companies in this list are members of the European Union (Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium, France). The automotive industry is primordial for the EU economy, accounting 6 % of the total EU exports.



Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen are the most sold cars in the world, these companies being among the biggest car exporting companies. The 10 biggest automobile exporting companies are:

  •   Toyota (Japan)
  •   Volkswagen (Germany)
  •   Daimler (Germany)
  •   Ford (United States)
  •   BMW (Germany)
  •   General Motors (United States)
  •   Honda (Japan)
  •   Hyundai (South Korea)
  •   Nissan (Japan)
  •   SAIC Motor (China)    


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