What to Know Before Buying a Lipstick

What to Know Before Buying a Lipstick

Louise Beaulieu 3 Jan, 2017
What to Know Before Buying a Lipstick

Every woman has two kinds of lipsticks in the vanity – the first one we love to apply everyday and the second one which we use for some special occasions. Have you ever wondered what makes these two lipsticks differ – the texture, the shade or the wear time? It is extremely important to know the 7 important rules of buying a lipstick in order to look like a famous star in any weather.


Shelf Life Of The Lipstick 

Before buying a lipstick, check the manufacture date and date of expiration. Most of the lipsticks have a shelf life of 3 years. The expired product can cause different allergies and irritations on skin.

Try The Lipstick Before You Buy It 

Sometimes, women get attracted to few shades of lipstick and use them daily, refusing to accept any changes. It is better to swatch different shades on the hands (on the skin) in order to notice the difference between colors before buying one.

Choose The Lipstick As Per Your Needs 

Women have to choose the lipstick according to their appearance as not all of them feet to the women’ work and lifestyle. From different types of lipsticks, it is important to consider what kind of lipstick you would like to go for: cream lipsticks, matte touch lipsticks, lipsticks with frost finish or shimmer etc.  

Avoid Buying The Same Shade 

Buying the same lipstick color is the biggest mistake of modern women. Be opened to new challenges! Choose the color which characterizes you as an individuality. 

Do Not Let Counterfeits Fool You 

It is better to have one original product of good quality than having ten replica products. The counterfeits can worsen your health as their components can be dangerous.

Check For Exchange Policies 

Do not hesitate to take time and discuss with the seller about the exchange policies of the product if you are unsure of using the product for certain reasons. Some companies guarantee the exchange of product within the limit of few days. 

Choose The Right Shade 

Deeper shades of lipsticks make lips look smaller and bright lipsticks make lips look bigger. Choose the color which is going to underline your natural beauty.


On a bad day there is always a lipstick!



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