Top 10 Accessories For A Stylish Winter

Top 10 Accessories For A Stylish Winter

ExportPortal 15 Dec, 2017
Top 10 Accessories For A Stylish Winter

Export Portal’s team has prepared a list of top 10 accessories you can pick from this Winter, you can read about them in this article.

This year is almost over, but before 2018 arrives treat yourself with the latest jewelry trends. Export Portal’s team has prepared a list of amazing accessories you can pick from this Winter. Take a look below.

1. Inspired upcycling- Bring the 90s back with every day objects, bring new life into cans, shells, and porcelain objects by transforming them into your favorite accessories.

2.Magnificent monograms- With BB initials at Balenciaga, sparkling acronyms at Dior and golden monograms at Céline, following in the wake of the logomania gripping the catwalks, the jewelry was labelled in its own way.3.Party girls- Get ready for the dance floor with chandelier earrings with white crystals and king size rings, we promise you people will love your fashionable look.

4. Punk culture- Punk culture is in trend again! With nails, studs, piercings and barbed wire, the Sex Pistols’ spirit is back again.

5. Neo-pearls- Do not mistaken them with a simple look accompanied by a small pearl accessory, this one must be completely different. In order to create such an accessory the designer has to shake off his classic image and reborn these jewelry as XXL versions, encaged in see-through cages or mounted on chic, tribal rings.

6. Hand bracelets- A new sight at the biggest shows, these neo bracelets elongate their lines to connect with a stack of rings or simply to trace the femininity of a woman's hand.

7.Pick and Mix- this season you can Mix and Match jewelry as much as you desire, don’t worry and let your imagination do its work.

8.Golden keys- Did you know that magnetic pendants, earrings and scarf bracelets with golden keys are modish nowadays?  

9.Mystical symbols- After Gucci’s latest show dominated by an incredible pyramid and a torrent of Illuminati-esque references, the 2018 Winter promises to be full of mysterious accessories.

10. Revolutionary ear cuffs- For Winter 2017-2018 have cocktail parties in mind with a torrent of crystals to light up the night.


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