The right jeans according to your body type

The right jeans according to your body type

Katty Burns 18 Feb, 2016
The right jeans according to your body type

Every woman dreams of a perfect pair of jeans!

Jeans are one of the most worn items of clothing in the everyday life. They are so popular because they are comfortable and in the same time stylish, durable and easily combined with other clothes. However, choosing the right pair of jeans can be a real challenge! In this post we will discuss what type of jeans to chose for each body shape:


Pear shaped body:

- trouser jeans are the best for this body type because they give you a continuous line

- it is important to choose dark jeans to minimize your bottom

- opt for straight leg jeans- avoid buttons and pockets.



Apple shaped body:

- straight leg and skinny are the best choice for apple shaped figure

- try to choose jeans with at least 1-2% Lycra mix in the fabric content

- light denim colors are the best for you as they draw the eye to your lower half.



Hourglass body:

- choose jeans with a contoured waistband

- opt for wide leg jeans

- avoid side pockets or side buttons.



Plus size body:

- choose slimming colors such as blue or black

- remember stretch jeans are your friends

- opt for items without pockets



Follow these rules and you will always look amazing!


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